Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Friday, 8 June 2018

Linear Equations

This term we have be learning about  Linear Equations that are there cool to learn about and i'v been working hard to learn them as you can see if you look in the link...

This has been a good term to learn maths because of the wide range of songs.
Like these questions were you answer them by learn what each letter is.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

NZL post

Last term we found out a lot about our selves and new Zealand religion and how so thing that we have as our goals can relate to other religion.

Image result for mickey to tiki
Like the piece of art you can think of what it means in your own way but mine way i think of it (that do not have to believe) is this art is like the treaty of Waitangi in the fact that the as you can see it two different art types connecting in the middle.
Plus some of the work we did last term was about us as new Zealand identity.
like how we had to do about one of favourite hero (real or fake.)
Here it is...
There are video's and thing about him in there near the top of page in the link.
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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

9MG English: Term One

This term we have been learning all about what is the hero cycle.
The hero cycle can be called the hero's journey and it mean the same thing it is the the journey to becoming a hero
As well as hero cycle. we have been doing a thing like the big questions and success ticket.
The big question is were every start if class we do something like free writing or some type of writing with a time limit of 5 minutes on the board that looks like this
and when it is up you stop what you are doing and if you want show every one what you have done.
Here is an example.

The success ticket is were you evaluate what you have done and how well you have done. Then every one gets a ticket and she picks a random number and they get to pick a item out of her prize draw.
Here is an example.

This term was great and one of my most proud of peaces of work is this... LINK it was good to be able to show who my hero is and how i can show and tell why she is my hero and others.It was interesting read all about her history

On Monday me and all the other year nine's went to Kumara were we got to know the history of Kumara. We went to the big rock called Londonderry and how when it fell down the hill it did not kill anyone and roomers say it stopped all the clock's stopped. We found out all about the people of the town's. It was good to find out about the majority of kumara history.

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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Saturday New Zealand Defense Force

Here are some pic's of me, richy/Richard, Robby and more doing stuff around Defense force
Were we had a fun time learning about the machinery and weaponry that they used in the hard time's of war. As some of the photos should have us being able to pick up the weapons. We got to have a look in side the vehicles and get into them.As well as we got to see what they had for food morning, lunch, diner and snack.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Tin foil boat

To day we had to make some tin foil boats but the twist was we had to put marble's in and the boat with the most marbles win's...
Sadly we only got &. The worst was 2 and the best was 24.
This was me, Kyle c and Kyle plan for the boat.
Don't know how to rotate.
but here is some video's and pics.

Our problem was ours was not big enough and it did not have relay any room for the marbels

Attempted 2
We are going to make a bigger design that can holed more marbles.
We got 9 this time.

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